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"Registered under Maharishi Bhardwaj Foundation & ISO CERTIFIED 9001-2008" "World Class Training Centre"

As INDIA's biggest network of CAD training centres, CAD Training Services is the training arm of the 7 year old Centre, head quartered at Patna, India which is registered under S.C. Foundation & ISO CERTIFIED 9001-2008 organisation.

The world is changing. The future is a complicated and competitive place! Do you have the skills and knowledge to help move the world to the future? CAD Training Services believes that you could be tomorrow's technology and business leaders and should be equipped to be part of, and lead, that change. In helping achieve this goal, training is key. We specialise in imparting unmatched world-class training.

Our unique market-focused courses and industry-trained faculty would give you the edge that you need. Thanks to our focus on industry-institute partnership initiatives, our courses are constantly updated with industry inputs on CAD, CAE, Graphics and Project Management.

Curriculum and Product Development (CPD)

With our expert Curriculum and Product Development (CPD) team,CAD courseware is structured to offer courses for basic/beginner through to advanced levels which is of highest clarity & standard. CPD develops the courseware keeping in mind the mixed audience to cater to.

CPD team strives in

Presenting content logically with more emphasis on graphical representation Incorporating a syllabus, prepares the study guide and workbook Using relevant examples to ensure that students have more hands-on practicals Regularly reviews the curriculum and updates courses as needed


On completion of a course atCAD, a course completion certification is endowed featuring the name of the student, the program enrolled, details of the particular center and the topics covered. A Quick Response (QR) code is provided to prove the authenticity of the certification which can be verified online with the student identification number. Please visit


Mr. Suraj Singh

Trainers : Cad

Mr. Golu Singh

Trainers : Data Scientist

Mr. Mohan Kumar

Trainers : Mechanical CADD

Mr. Rahul Kumar

Trainers : Interior & Exterior Designing